10 July 2011

to be or not to be...

...that is the question, indeed.

I went for a walk this evening and found myself on a path going through some very tall grasses, almost up to my shoulder. They had heavy seed heads on top, and tiny yellow flowers, and they were moving in the breeze. Their colour was dark in the path front of me and going to pale green further away - it was one of those evenings when everything seems lit from within and colours glow.
This is the place where I can rest my eyes: the grasses are like water.

Today Juan-Carlos sat for me and we had a lovely visit.

The Explorer
oil on wood panel
16w x 20h

In the last few days I made these:

Passage - 24w x 25h
Still needs some work!

Horizon - 73w x 33h
Just stitched and stretched. Now I have to consider about the drawing parts, and whether to add a second skyline, &c. Almost wanting to just leave it as is...

A slightly strange, dark, camera's-out-of-batteries shot but I like it.

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