19 November 2011

good mornin' sunshine!

I seem to be in that stage where I want to take photos of the studio at different times of day:

both photos taken within seconds of one another - interesting how the camera reads light.

And here is some of the actual art work I've been doing:

A new stitched diptych - not finished, going to add a bit of drawing and colour adjustments, and who knows what else.

The little mixed media collage pieces are coming along nicely:

Urban Spaces 3.9
16 x 12"

Urban Spaces 3.10
16 x 12"

Urban Spaces 3.11
16 x 12"

These are not finished... well, the top one is maybe close. Wanted red ink for the bottom one and discovered I'm out - all decisions deferred until more red ink is got!

Happy days.


A. Beaverhousen said...

I am really liking the mixed media collage pieces. They are like your paintings but bumped up a level.

As well the white background is nice...lol it makes your page look brighter go figure

vogel said...

haha, yeah, bright white will have that effect :)

thanks for the comments on my mixed media collage stuff - never really worked with collage much before and I find I'm really enjoying this process.