17 November 2011

whatever leads to joy

Yesterday I became aware of the apparently common perception that if one works in the arts and is not rich and famous, then one is doing something wrong in one's career. And I thought: what a load of crap.

I don't need to be rich and famous. What I need is to paint, and I have been very fortunate in my life because here I am: painting! If this is not riches then I don't know what is.

Some mixed media/collage things I've been working on:

Urban Spaces 3.4
mixed media on panel
9 x 12"

Urban Spaces 3.5
mixed media on panel
9 x 12"

Urban Spaces 3.6
mixed media on panel
9 x 12"

Urban Spaces 3.8
mixed media on panel
6 x 6"

Gradually these are coming along... the plan is to have a series of about 20 collage pieces and 10 or more larger stitched paintings, as well as some other things, for an exhibition in spring 2012. How nice to just steadily plug away at my craft and gradually see the work emerging!

And the plein air painting I did earlier this week:

oil on canvas
12 x 10"

Yes, I love my life. Rich and famous? Nah. This is better. :)


Linda Wilder Expressions said...

so true comments and good work!

vogel said...

thanks Linda! :)