03 January 2012

sub-zero plein air

So I thought oil paint was basically useable in any temperature, but no:

Titanium White becomes very stiff and sticky (a bit like half-set epoxy), although other colours appear unaffected in -4C
My oil/solvent mixture takes on a viscosity similar to raw egg white, but returns to normal when back in the studio.
Frozen brushes begin to fall apart, losing many bristles when used to forcibly brush out epoxy-like white paint!

Returning home after this paintings session, I spent half an hour with a pair of tweezers, picking all the little hairs off my painting, haha.

3pm - ready to begin

3.45pm - light shifting fast

this is more-or-less what I was seeing

and this is what my hand and eye made of it - quite dissimilar in colour.

near the end, getting cold but still smiling!

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