15 January 2012

different wavelengths

A painting finished a few weeks ago. This was done by painting acrylic washes into the raw canvas and gradually working up the layers:

acrylic and drawing media on stitched canvas
34w x 32h

New one stitched. Going to gesso this one and try acrylic glazes.
Until now I've been using acrylics on raw canvas and liking the staining effects, but sometimes the colour is not as intense as I'd like. The gesso ground should help intensify the colour, and hopefully I can get the glazes to look good.

I've been practicing acrylic glazing over gesso with these little 12x12 stitched canvases:

Terrible lighting here! But anyway I've been playing around with colours and various brushing and wiping methods, and I'm really liking some of the results.

Another new one stitched, not stretched yet. The plan here is to work up a lovely subtle sky and intensify the lower coloured part, leaving the middle bit raw and unpainted. We'll see how that goes!

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