18 March 2012

mind's eye

A couple of skype portraits done this afternoon:

oil on gesso'd 300lb paper
15w x 11h

I think I'm starting to get the hang of making portraits! There is something really nice about using skype: unlike a photograph, the image on the screen is not so flat - and unlike having someone actually in my studio, I find I can relax more when it's "only online".  An interesting realization.

A finished painting, from here:

to here:

Who Will Remember Our Houses?
mixed media on stitched canvas
30w x 62h

And some progress on this one:

The strong orange shape in the middle needs to be toned down quite a bit in order to arrive at a nice sense of space.  Working with acrylic can be difficult because it dries differently from how it goes on, especially when working on raw canvas.  
Ha!  "It's not my fault; it's the paint!"  Oh the classics...
At any rate, I will figure it out and make this painting work one way or another.

Several painting streams on the go these days - feels good!


Cina said...

Is this photographs collage in? or just your skillful painting?

vogel said...

photographs collaged in - I can't paint that realistically!

Cina said...

I can't wait to see it finished. How does it feel to be so many months removed from your studio and how is everything with your house coming along? I know it must be adorned with your art.