06 March 2012

one thing becomes another

Happy days - I have been finishing paintings lately!  This is the part I love, when logic relaxes its grip and intuition takes over, and my brush seems to know what to do without much intervention on my part.

A piece I began in November, finished tonight:

Stained Glass
acrylic on stitched canvas
16 canvases @ 12x12" each

avec l'artiste

canvas #5

Another "raw canvas" piece finished:

mixed media on stitched canvas
2 @ 39x39" each

Second photo piece finished:

mixed media on stitched canvas
51w x 31h

And as always there are many works in progress.  Here is a sampling of 3 branches of ideas I have going at the moment.

A canvas I stitched several weeks ago, with its stretcher:

It now looks like this:

I have several paintings on the go right now which I've sealed and gesso'd prior to painting with acrylic.  I had been painting on raw canvas for the most part, but now I want to try again with acrylic on a gesso'd surface.  So far so good...

Another canvas stitched and stretched several weeks ago:

has got to this point:

This one is painted into the raw canvas, no gesso.  The middle bit will be left mostly unpainted.  I like the contrast of drawing and painting - lines and colours - on the raw canvas.

And another photo piece in progress:

The composition comes together as I move pieces around and begin stitching.

Stretched and ready for the next steps in the process!

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