06 August 2012

it begins and begins again

Looking really awkward at this stage of preparation.  Need to gesso in order to do that colour thing which I've envisioned for this one.  Gotta do that colour thing before I can incorporate more drawing & perhaps some shadowy forms in the raw canvas area.
I love this way of working, building a thing in stages and holding the idea in my mind while going through the necessary steps to get there.

Which is why I'm disappointed with myself over this one, because I lost the idea and went off track:
It puts me in mind of those paintings, you know, with colourful umbrellas and rain drops.  Which I don't have any problem with on one hand... but on the other hand, this is a fairly large painting and I had envisioned something a little more sophisticated, based on the musical piece.  

However, I will bring it back!  Yes, I will!  Because I am a professional and I can do it!  

It's good to be able to pep-talk myself, with a little help from a friend who gave some thoughtful feedback on this one.

Here is an idea of the size:

Wish me luck!


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