15 August 2012

Papergirl Calgary 2012

Regardless of linear logical reasoning I hold two ideas simultaneously: that original art evaluated in terms of money should have a price tag worthy of its quality; and also that fine quality original art should be accessible to everyone regardless of income level, social class, etc.  

To this end I put a drawing/painting into papergirl, an art show/event happening this weekend.

mixed media on paper
24w x 36h inches


FrancesVettergreenVisualArtist said...

Good for you. I had an idea I would put something in, too, but it didn't happen. I can't decide how I feel about the sort of random art giveaway at the end. I hope your piece goes to someone who will appreciate it.

vogel said...

I'm sure it did. I love the random art giveaway idea. If my work falls into evil hands and is destroyed, so be it - but I think much more likely it made someone's day and will be treasured.