07 October 2012


This weekend we went to Edmonton for the opening of my solo show "Urban Seams" at the Front Gallery.  It was a great opening: the work was displayed really well, with a good flow throughout the room, I had a chance to talk with people who came in and had time for real conversations, and some had interesting things to say about the show.

One person said, "this painting really brings to mind interior as well as exterior spaces."  And another, "there is a kind of Asian feel to some of these pieces."  Several people mentioned that they saw the signature painting in the front window and "...we just had to stop and take a look inside."

I also met a couple who bought one of my pieces.  This is wonderful, since I rarely actually meet the people who buy my work.  It was great to be able to get to know them and their small daughter a bit, and to thank them personally for choosing my piece from the gallery's collection of amazing artwork made by some really great artists.  It really is an honour to have my work shown here!

A few photos from our trip:

shadow of our car looking very 3D

construction sites - always gorgeous but particularly so in this light

mysterious inner spaces

tinsel streamers in a car lot

 heading home in the evening glow

I also have a couple of lovely photos of the gallery owner and I, but will wait to post them until I have her ok.  Update: got the ok and here they are:

All in all it has been a great weekend so far, and tonight we will have Thanksgiving dinner with the family.  Could life be any better?  Right now I think not.


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