03 October 2012

step out

This painting has been accepted into a juried show: AIRS

Alberta Landscape #26
oil on canvas

I submitted 3 works to the jury, the one shown above and these two:
#27 - o/c - 10x10"

#29 - o/c - 10x10"

They didn't give me a reason for their choice... but I think it may be because of the horizon line:  In #27 and #29 the horizon line is smack in the middle, whereas in #26 it's raised above the mid-point.  Or perhaps it's due to colour or technique?  

At any rate I'm very pleased to have my work accepted.  This marks the first time one of my landscapes will be shown in a public gallery.  And it's a non-profit gallery, too: another first for me!  

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