08 December 2012

Inking it in

Started some acrylic-ink paintings on canvas.  Used absorbent ground (a Golden product) to make the surface of the canvas more like paper.
I hope to be able to build up more brilliant colour with ink + water washes.  Acrylic mediums feel thick and a bit clunky to me, and I had been thinking about watercolour painting but not wanting to have a lot of work on paper that would need framing.  
Ink washes on canvas is a new process for me, and so far it seems to be working well.


Anne McClelland said...

I love acrylic inks. I just use them directly on the gesso or raw canvas. For a really liquid medium get ahold of some GOLDEN Air brush medium. Works to help with binding/blending but is absolutely fluid. These look GREAT!!

vogel said...

thanks Anne - I will try the airbrush medium at some point. I'm liking how these loo right now, too. We'll see where they progress to... :)