30 December 2012

news from the front

I just made a facebook page:
Steel Sky Woman

This is a sort of practice for a website.  It would seem that the time is nigh for me to have a website, so that all my things can be under one roof so to speak, and so that ownership of my "stuff" will be more firmly in my hands.  

This is where I will go to set up my future website:

Kim is pretty cool.  I met her briefly in person when she did a presentation at the ASA gallery at Lougheed House here in Calgary.  
Checking out artbiz online, it seems like this may be a good choice for me.  I know a few artists who have worked with Kim and they have glowing reports about setting up their websites with her help.

2013 is setting up to be a year of forward changes for me.  Nothing too big since I tend to move slowly through life, but some exciting progressions are in the works.  

Stay tuned!


Anne McClelland said...

I look forward to seeing what you put together. Let me know how your Artbiz experience goes. Have a great year ahead in 2013!

verna said...

Thanks Anne, you too!
I will post a link here once it's up and running.

P.D. Crumbaker said...

And 2013 is the year I'm going to own a Verna Vogel piece - even if it is just a tiny one. Love your work.

vogel said...

Wow, thank you P.D.!

I see on your profile that you like Mary Oliver, me too. A great poetry collection is "Good Poems For Hard Times", which is where I first read Mary Oliver.