15 January 2013


In between working on my soon-to-be website, I have made this:

 The paint is a skin that covers the bones of the stitched canvases...

People quite often tell me that I am very calm, very laid-back, nothing flusters me, etc.  This month that calm is only my skin, and underneath I am comprised of a lot of impatient, inarticulate bones!

There is so much to learn in getting my website going - and Kim has done most of the difficult work already! - still I'm finding it rather frustrating to sit in front of this screen for hours at a time when what I really want to do is paint.  


But I am too impatient with the computer - I must not lose my focus, I must keep telling myself that it will be worth the effort in the end, and meanwhile, in between things I am still painting a little to keep myself sane.

And, isn't my painting lovely?  I really like this piece!  :)

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