08 April 2013

Art World Fame

So here I am, trying to learn how to use the internet more effectively.

I've decided to go back to using this blog to some extent, and so I have updated some of the things in the sidebar, like adding a "follow by email" button, and links to a few blogs and websites, and also posted some things about my upcoming show - see previous post.

Right after the post about my upcoming show, I find this article on the death of the gallery show.  The last bit intrigues me, because it is a positive take on the machinations of the Art World.  I am certainly not in the echelons of Art World Fame, nor do I want to be, all things considered.  While I am happy to sell my work, I also hope that some of my paintings may inspire thoughtful conversation.  

And here is a photo, because happy eyes are as important as thoughts and ideas:

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