13 April 2013


The last two weeks have been pretty busy for me.  Among other things, I'm getting all the last-minute details in place for my upcoming show, and got all my tax stuff finished!  Very productive, feels good.

After a full day of paperwork last week, I poured myself a glass of wine and had a good sit in the yard.  There was a fair breeze and the fence paintings were billowing gently in and out.  They looked alive almost, and I was filled with a sense of well-being.  

Some years ago I made a painting which I titled "Everything Has A Life Of Its Own" and as time goes by I seem to understand that sentiment more fully.

And, look: the first tiny cracks are appearing!  After 9 and a half months or so hanging on the fence through seasonal weathers, this is quite exciting.  I had been wondering when these paintings would finally begin to fall apart.

Nothing can withstand the forces of nature for long.  Although I take every care to make my work as archivally-sound as possible, I am also very drawn to the ultimate intransigence of matter. 

We humans seem to possess simultaneously a deep desire for "forever" and a deep knowledge that "forever" does not exist however we may try to create it.

Speaking of intransigence: this year I have finally begun the exhaustive job of pulling all the grass out from around the stems of the roses!  Yay me!  Really, it's a huge job.  This yard was neglected for over a decade before we came along, and that grass is well-established, ha.

The roses when they bloom are yellow, my favourite.  These poor bushes have been struggling along and I hope that my grass-removal efforts may ease their existence a bit.

A robin likes the fact that I'm digging up the soil and loosening the worms and bugs!  He hangs out in the apple tree, waiting for me to finish so he can take his meal in comfort.

And the seagulls wheel overhead, and life is good.

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