03 June 2013


Another call for entries, this one from Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Centre.  They are looking for figurative art.  This is a new gallery/space to me, and it looks interesting.

I used to co-ordinate life drawing sessions at various studios in and around Vancouver, BC.  For 6 years I spent an average of 10 hours per week studying and portraying the human figure during those sessions. I worked on paper, usually sized around 24x32", and at the end of those 6 years I had a stack of drawings and paintings - my paperworks - that reached from the floor to well past my knees.

Some of the paperworks sold, others were traded for things like studio rental, a stereo, help with a move, and some were buried in the wall when my old studio was renovated - at the time I had a truly misguided idea that one day they would be found by demolition workers and recognized for the great works of art that they... well, maybe were, ha.  When I left Vancouver the paperworks stack had been reduced to half of what it had been, and I still have most of those drawings.  They currently live in the lower 3 drawers of my husband's printmaking paper cabinet.

I keep thinking one day I ought to take them out again, maybe try showing them somewhere or at least photograph them properly....

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