23 August 2013


First:  I awake in a world in which there is no means of preserving knowledge apart from human memory.  Imagine that.  Imagine the structures necessary: the checks and balances, the formal positions.

Second:  I push the button on the machine that washes the clothes.

verna vogel

I am fascinated with the things we humans make - in particular the environments we create.  It seems to me that a growing part of our collective identity manifests itself in urban environments.  This is what we leave behind: relics of the practical application of our imaginations.  This is what I explore in my paintings.  I use various techniques and mediums to make aesthetically diverse work, but underpinning every effort is a further exploration of the urban environment: the environment we have evolved to create for ourselves.

It may be argued that we as individuals do not create our environments, but rather that a select few have that power and the rest of humanity learns to live with what the few create.  But I am talking about a broader scope of human evolution here, and for the most part do not care for political positions when I am working in the studio.

What I really care about in the studio is this: how this colour interacts with that one; how this brush mark has a certain feeling; how that shape resonates.  The paintings are built, layer by layer, from the ground up.  Like most built things, more than one choice of technique and material is possible for a successful outcome.  

verna vogel

That having been said, I have posted images of the completed outdoor paintings here.

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Verna Vogel said...

*Edit: To balance this exploration of manufactured environments, I go out and paint landscapes en plein air. Sometimes there are power lines or other signs of humanity in the field, but they rarely make it into my landscape paintings. :)