10 August 2013


Looking through my files in search of an image to send to a friend, I came across this one:

steel sky woman

Taken around 4am on October 6, 2012, during a bout of insomnia the night before my show opened.  My husband lay sleeping peacefully in the next room, and I was so envious of his ability to sleep!  Ha.


Russell Mang said...

I love the sense of mystery invoked by the out of focus background & dark figure. My mind keeps wanting to interpret the figure as facing the window but the delicate bit of highlight on the right clavicle suggests otherwise! So...the watcher is watching the viewer?

Verna Vogel said...

Hi Russell,

I had forgotten about this photo and then when I came across it again it seemed so beautifully appropriate. The background makes me think of water, not sure why exactly. Interesting that your mind wants to see the figure as facing the window - ready to jump into the stream perhaps?