11 October 2013


When we returned from our vacation, my husband helped to install the recent commissioned piece in the clients' home.  This is the combination they chose:

enrichment - verna vogel
One Thing Becomes Another
acrylic on stitched canvas
32w, 36w x 29.5h inches

And here is the work in its new environs:

enrichment - verna vogel

It is always so neat to see my work in a home where it becomes part of a larger aesthetic, beginning a new phase of its journey.  The work takes on a life of its own - very different from in my studio or in a gallery environment.  I am glad to know this piece is now part of a happy and dynamic family, where it may contribute in its own small way some enrichment to their lives.


P.D. Crumbaker said...

I could definitely picture this on my wall! Will be in touch soon via email. This looks fantastic.

verna said...

Thank you P.D.! :)