04 January 2014

Ayrspace for landscapes

For a few years now I've been intermittently making small plein air landscapes.  I've made 78 of them.  69 are still around, some having been given as gifts and some destroyed.  Wow, 69 landscape paintings!

I've been saying to myself that I've got to start thinking about showing/selling them, since they are creeping through the house, high on the walls like decorative plates, and soon we will run out of space.

Lo and behold, just before the solstice I was contacted by Jill at Ayrspace Gallery.  She'd had a look at my website and liked the landscapes!  Her gallery online - and her outlook on life and art - are quite appealing to me.  After some discussion, she may be taking some of the landscapes to show in her gallery.  

So I've spent the last couple of days hauling them into the studio to really have a look at them, consider which ones may be good enough to show, which ones I'd like to keep, and which ones should maybe be destroyed.

verna vogel steel sky woman
There they are, piled up on my studio table.  

verna vogel steel sky woman
And there they are on the studio wall unedited: all 69 of them, bad and good together in no particular order.

Soon I will have a portfolio of available plein air works for Jill, and we will take it from there...

Funny how there is some emotional investment in this for me.  It's been awhile since I felt this way about my work - my urban paintings have been going out to galleries for awhile now, and I have learned for the most part to disassociate myself from them once they are gone.  But these little landscapes now, they are closer to my heart that I would've thought, even after a few years of making them.  Feels good.


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