18 January 2014

fortunate life

This week I barely got into the studio at all.

I did get all my year-end bookkeeping finished, and I did update my inventory of work made in 2013, and I did do lots of other little niggly things of the sort that pile up until you can't ignore them anymore, like banking and grocery shopping and replacing the battery in my watch.  And I did ship out some paintings:

verna vogel plein air
7 landscapes shipped to AyrSpace Gallery
I am eagerly waiting for the landscapes to arrive and be unpacked, very curious what the response to them will be in real life compared to on a computer screen.

I also found a perfectly beautiful coat in a thrift shop, of a style I'd been on the lookout for for years, and which fits like it was made for me.  This is almost as exciting as making paintings.  :)

And yesterday I finally did get to make some paintings!  More skype portraits:

steel sky woman skype portraits
1st portrait: Ross Melanson
sharpie marker and acrylic ink on gesso'd paper
9x12 inches

verna vogel portrait of Chris Wikman
6th portrait: Chris Wikman
oil on gesso'd 300lb rag paper
11x15 inches

verna vogel portrait of Chris Wikman
7th portrait: Chris Wikman
sharpie marker and oil on gesso'd 300lb rag paper
11x15 inches

verna vogel portrait of Ross Melanson
2nd portrait: Ross Melanson
oil on gesso'd 300lb rag paper
12x13 inches

Chris Wikman is a full-time artist - here is Chris's website.
Ross Melanson is an artist and also works at the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery.
Here is Ross's website.

The skype session lasted 4 hours!  I have never had a skype session that intense, and it didn't feel like a long time.  We had some very interesting conversations, and I made 7 portraits in all.  

So it was a fantastic ending to a week filled with paperwork and mostly mundane errands.  I feel that I am very fortunate in my life.


Russell Mang said...

Glad you've had a chance to meet Chris & Ross, good friends of mine...i'll bet it was done during their recent "bitch n' paint" session!

I'm glad for you finding your coat; it reminds me of one of my few regrets in life. For my wedding, i & a friend of mine were looking at tuxedo's in a upper end 2nd hand clothing store (Vancouver)...while there i tried on something that caught my eye, an 'opera cape'...*sigh*...oh to this day, i regret NOT being impulsive & buying it (along w/the suit i did buy).

Verna Vogel said...

Hi Russell,

Yes, both Ross and Chris seem like great guys. It was a bit overwhelming to meet and make portraits of two different people in one sitting - but fun nonetheless.

Oh, too bad about the cape! Sounds like it was a beauty. Bet you still have the suit, though.


Jill said...

Hi Verna:

There are parties waiting for those landscapes to arrive!