04 April 2014

black and white

White multiple series recently finished, working title: A Memory Of Flight.  
Here they are in my studio:

verna vogel - a memory of flight

Those stretchers in the photo above are meant for a black multiple series begun this week.  There will be 9 blacks in total.  Here are the first two in progress:

verna vogel - two points

verna vogel - two points

It's proving to be an interesting process to me, working on these multiple series.  I'm going very intuitively, not thinking much beyond simple aesthetics as they come together.  After they are made, stepping back to look and think, I find they invariably remind me of something...  a kind of hazy memory feeling.  I like this aspect of the work.

My parents are immigrants and from earliest childhood we moved from place to place, and what with one thing and another the continuity of memory was not much developed in me.  Now, working in this intuitive way - which is a bit unnerving (not being able to explain in a world that demands explanations, art gallery world included) - working in this really intuitive way seems to be opening up some kind of connective channels.  I am becoming a follower of threads!  haha


Unknown said...

beautiful pieces! Can't wait to see the whole series. I like how you have photographed them on an angle as well.

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Patt!

Barbara Muir said...

A very cool series. I like how you are doing this. And I really know what you mean about needing to talk about what you do, and not having the words. Most art is truly intuitive.

I feel lucky when the words about what I'm going to do come first.

XOXOXO Barbara