13 April 2014


I need to clear some space, get some distance.

About a year ago I began a series titled "plane" and then, halfway into it, put most of them away to wait.  Today I pulled a few out and felt excited about them again.  Here's one:

verna vogel steel sky woman
verna vogel steel sky woman

Here are a couple more that need some work:

And here are a couple of finished pieces from the series:

verna vogel steel sky woman
56w x 49h inches

verna vogel steel sky woman
34w x 31h inches

When a series of work goes "pfoof" halfway through, and I cannot work up the energy or excitement to continue with it, then I lay the pieces aside for a few weeks, months, sometimes a year or two.  When some time has passed I will bring them out and find my energy to continue is renewed.  

Not a very efficient way of working is it, but that's OK - efficiency isn't everything and in the end I always manage to finish what I start, even if it takes a couple of years.

Maybe I pulled the "Plane" pieces out because I need a break now from the multiples.  
Here's the most recent multiple piece finished:

verna vogel steel sky woman

The texts
are insistent:
it takes two points
to make a distance.

The cubit,
for instance,
is nothing
till you use it.

Then it is rigid
and bracelike;
it has actual strength.

Something metal
runs through
every length -

the very armature
of love, perhaps.

Only distance
lets distance collapse.

- Kay Ryan

It seems I need a bit of distance now.  Finishing some of the "plane" works will accomplish two immediate things: emotional distance from the multiples, and a feeling of accomplishment that I'm finishing some older works.  

Also one longer-term effect I hope to gain is seeing the multiples more in context with my other work and not so much separate, which is how I have been perceiving them.


Jill said...

Love these dark works and the purple black urban work...

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Jill. Great talking with you today.