29 March 2015


Time, hey.  Sometimes it seems we have a lot and sometimes only a little.  We say "life is short".  But we could also say "life is long".  Or we could just say "here I am, what can I do?"

When I don't have much time for art-making in the studio, I can always make quick drawings in a sketchbook.  They don't take long and they can be quite satisfying, and sometimes they lead to further explorations in the studio.

These drawings were made over the last couple of weeks, with markers and coloured pencils in my 5x7" hardcover book:

They're not, you know, great works of art or anything, but I think I ought to do more of this.  Maybe a sketch or two every evening?  

Lately I've taken on a few extra things and am finding it difficult to organize my work.  Maybe I've taken on too much and will need to scale back, or maybe this is one of those learning curves and I will find a balance if I stay focussed.  Maybe making some wee drawings every evening will help with the focus part.

This morning I photographed the fence paintings:

They've been out on the fence for 4 years now, and today they're looking ready for another cycle of spring.  


Barbara Muir said...

Love the drawings and the fence paintings. I try to paint every day. But sometimes that means one small detail on one small area -- not a big push to progress. Thanks for talking about this. Inspiring as always.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara. Yep, just one small bit of art-making a day is generally all it takes to keep me sane!

Those long studio days when one is able to really get into the work for an extended period of time are so wonderful - but when you think about it, those extended times, too, are made up of small bits all linked together.