04 April 2015

simple tools


Russell Mang said...

Huh... i was wondering how you achieved those oh-so-very clean circles! Clever.

P.D. Crumbaker said...

I do love this peek into the process, V. I've been exploring themes of entrapment in some sketchbook meanderings, and something about these circles and lines--even at the sketchbook stage--gets my attention.

Verna Vogel said...

Thanks for your thoughts, you two.

Well Russell, you know how domestic stuff can aid and abet the art process... :)

P.D. - I'd love to see some of your sketches sometime, when/if you are ready to show them?

These drawings are not necessarily precursors to the paintings, often the drawings come after, or between, paintings. They seem to bounce off one another.

Barbara Muir said...

Love this. I'm an enormous fan of the circle, and it is a sneaky shape. Much too perfect.

Beautiful photo and work.


Verna Vogel said...

Thanks Barbara. Yes, the circle is sneakily perfect, well-said! Working with circles is an enjoyable challenge for me these days.