27 April 2015

painting the photographer

Yesterday our friends came by for a visit, and I did an impromptu portrait session.  Sanja and Francis are both photographers, and together they do some very exciting things.  Here's their website.  

Sanja was really excited and pleased to sit for over an hour while I painted, an experience which is quite different from sitting for a photograph.

First, a quick "feeling-it-out" sketch:

verna vogel
Sharpie marker and acrylic on paper

Then I began an oil portrait, realized the composition was no good, wiped it and began again.  I really got into the drawing look of this one and decided to leave it alone, no more colours on top.  I like how the ghost of the first try remains visible.  A bit like a double exposure, very appropriate to my photographer friend, hey.  :)

verna vogel
oil on canvas, unstretched

Since I had my colours already out on the palette, I made a third portrait.  Started again with drawing:

verna vogel

And thought, "hmmm, not the same thing as last time" so scrapped that and just hauled some colours over the surface.  Pretty rough at first:

steel sky woman

Finished portrait is not a great likeness and... well, I could pick it apart but I won't.  I like the colour palette very much.  Here it is:

verna vogel
Portrait of Sanja
oil on canvas
13x20 inches

verna vogel

steel sky woman

Three aspects of Sanja.  She has a really great personality which I think has come through a bit in each one.


Barbara Muir said...

Love these. Ultimately the goal is making art right? Otherwise they would be snapshots.

I love all of them!


verna said...

Thank you Barbara :)