06 July 2015

exhibition: "This House Is On Fire"

A few images from the recent collective exhibition at the New Edward Gallery:

Andrew Mirth - laquered panelChris Zajko - watercolour paintings
Doug Haslam - wood tables

Mandy Stobo - "bad portraits"

Doug Williamson - oil paintings

Christy Menzies - Alberta Landscape 

Holly Timpener - performance piece residue
Dee Fontans - jewellery
Sean Mahon - oil painting

Dee Fontans - jewellery
Sean Mahon
 - oil painting
Jack Bride - watermedia painting

Chris Zajko - watercolour paintings
Eddie Nyikes - drawing
Odessa Weasel Child - drawings

Verna Vogel - 3D string art
with Dee Fontans and Dough Williamson

I really like the flow of Dee's jewellery into my string art in to Doug's painting with the chain link fence.  Here are a few more images of my string art piece:

"Rock Knot"
cotton and Jute twines, rocks, brass hooks
18 x 18 x 64 inches


Barbara Muir said...

This just knocks me out. You are over the top amazing, and the gallery did a beautiful job too.


Verna Vogel said...

Hey Barbara, thank you for your enthusiasm with my work/blog posts! You are very wonderful yourself!