25 July 2015



painting sound

sound painting

sound painting


Russell Mang said...

Thanks for posting - always interesting to see how works develope. It would very interesting to be there in your studio, while you are working, seeing your your process at work. Not everyone can stand to have a second body in the same space as one's creative process, though & understandably so.

Looking forward to end results & the experience thereof...

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Russell.

I love the way the oil paint sits in the surface textures. It's been a long time since I've worked in oil on stitched & gesso'd canvas.

As for someone being in the studio - I think I could handle it if they were absolutely quiet and out of the way, so that I could forget anyone was there! But that would be torturous and inhuman, so no, probably not.


Russell Mang said...

You might be surprised - i can do a fair imitation of a mouse! :)