15 October 2015

grunt work

Today I photographed the new series, all 24 of them individually plus various combinations of 3 or 4 together.  I also photographed several of the completed small oil paintings, and a few older, larger pieces.

It always astounds me how much time documentation requires.  The idea persists in my mind that photographing a bunch of paintings will take a couple of hours at most.  But no, it takes almost an entire day, every time I do it.

So here I am again at the end of the day, having finally got all the photos taken and also having run out the batteries in the SLR camera so I can't download them for cropping &c. yet.  It's a bit like doing renovations on the house...  *laughs*

But I took a few studio shots in between with my small camera, because somehow when I'm moving my paintings around I see interesting little things.

grunt work

grunt work

verna vogel

grunt work

At the end of the day I consider my next line-up of work: painted pieces of canvas, ready for stitching.  It's good to have them peripherally visible on the wall while doing other things, as I'm mulling over how to approach the stitching this time around.

Maybe tonight I'll be able to run the "good" photos through my system of labelling and re-sizing.  Or maybe I'll do that tomorrow.


Barbara Muir said...

Sooo true. Love the post and your work.

There is so much to being an artist that people don't realize.

You are super good at it, and a great artist!


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara, I think the same about you!