10 October 2015

the list and the life

Last week I wrote about what I was going to do next in the studio.  I have a kind of running "studio to-do list"... It's more of an ideal game plan than a rigorous list.  Eventually everything does get done, but not always in the order I envision.  This week, 2 out of 3 things on the list got done.

Adding glaze layers to the small oil paintings: Check.  I worked on 9 of them but photographed just the 3 below:

abstract painter in Calgary AB Canada

Stitching the 16x16's: Nope, didn't do that.  

Contact galleries: Yup.  Now it's a waiting game.  Hope there's some interest; wish me luck!

Besides those tasks - and getting a load of dental work done, and finally having my hand ultrasounded and x-rayed and told "yes, this can be fixed" (whoosh of relief after 4 months of ambiguity) - I managed to do some more underpaintings of the splashy sort, a nice low-stress technique.

steel sky woman
6 underpaintings in all, pinned over one another.

After all the small stuff I've been doing, I am eager to make some larger works again.  In some way the splashy prep painting feels like a re-hash of the work I made for the "CHROMA" show at CKG... but that's OK, it's just the underpainting so far, and I have got some idea of how to push the aesthetic of the stitching part.

verna vogel

Above: exploring colour combinations

Below: details of an underpainting I worked on yesterday

abstract artist #yyc

steel sky woman

abstract artist #yyc

The cropped detail shots could almost be complete paintings in themselves, hey.  Hmmm....  I will have to keep this in mind.

I also did a couple more collages in my Book of Cities.  I think the students' work has informed my own, as these seem a bit different from the collages I made prior to doing the workshop.  I like that.

Start...           and         ...Finish

Below: I think I will do some colour washes over this one, to give it a bit more depth and to integrate the drawing and collage areas:

the book of cities

My "creative brain" has been keeping me company in the studio ever since I unearthed it a few weeks ago.  It hums along cozily while I work, and seems happy to be here.

abstract artist #yyc

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  My husband and I are hosting dinner this year and looking forward to it.  We have been talking about how fortunate we are: to live in this country; to have plenty of food in our garden and on our table; to be able to follow our creative pursuits; to celebrate love and family.  Life is not perfect, but it's good nonetheless.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you also, reader, wherever you may be.



Patt Scrivener said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Enjoyed reading your post and seeing the photos!

Verna said...

Thank you Patt!! Your current show looks super beautiful! I know you and Uli will both get a really positive response to your works. Wish I could be there to see it in person.