26 November 2016

blind line

Life has got very busy these last few weeks, and I continue along with the blind line drawings.  They have become a sort of meditation for me, an activity for which there is no hoped-for end result and therefore no pressure.

lines circles colour blind drawings verna vogel

The drawings have morphed a bit over time, as my hand develops a memory for the shapes and lines.  Some of the coloured-in bits I can also now do without looking, an interesting development.  

sketchbook verna vogel

Where will this practice take me?  For the time being I just keep drawing and watching and waiting.

lines circles colour blind drawings verna vogel


Russell Mang said...

Hmmm... VERY cool! I can well imagine you doing a blind line drawing, same proportion but on a sheet of paper (or canvas) but about 4 or 5 feet high...

Verna Vogel said...

Hi Russell,

I just now am able to post people's comments again, since blogger changed the dashboard and it took me awhile to realize, haha!

Thank you for your thoughts - yup, got a big one in the works already!