24 May 2017

bright colours

brushes with bright colours oil paint

Yesterday I used bright colours to grey down a work in progress.

bright colours can make grey in layers

The canvases were also bright colours to begin with, as you can see by the edges which I did not paint over.  One bright colour painted over another can make for some very lovely off-tones.  

bright colours layered oil painting

I'll be working over them again with more bright colours in sheer layers, to get them really neutral, close to greys.  In this way the colour will remain luminous.

bright colour layers of oil painting glazes

Then I used those same bright colours to work over a red underpainting, with good results.

Fragile Planets exhibition take-down

And I discovered this photo I took when I removed my Fragile Planets installation from the Drumheller gallery.  There are no bright colours visible in this photo... but in the polished concrete floor are all sorts of colours which blend into an overall neutral grey.  

If the baseboards were painted in pure bright colours, this floor would be rather like my envisioned paintings.  :)


pdcrumbaker said...

This is really interesting. Maybe it's common knowledge among artists, but to an outsider looking in, it's fascinating.


Verna Vogel said...

Colour is one of the most fascinating things in the physical (and metaphysical) world! The way our eyes perceive colours, the way our brains translate what our eyes perceive, and they way colour can be played with, it really is a joyfully endless thing!


Barbara Muir said...

I couldn't agree more Verna, and what you do with colour is endlessly joyful and fascinating to me. I so love this post. The vibrancy of brilliant muting. Amazing really.

Thanks for this and your wonderful work.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara - for your support, and also for your own wonderful, joyful work!!