13 June 2017

very small things and very large things

how I see

surrounded by circles
what I see

new work in progress, "auguries" oil colour glazing, verna vogel studio
inside the studio

full moon as seen from studio doorway verna vogel
outside the studio

surrounded by circles rumblesat art in space mission
ink and mixed-media stitching on paper, 7x7"
included the RumbleSat Art in Space Mission
(read about it here.)

Very small things to very large things, so many circles.


Sometimes I feel very keenly that what I'm doing in my little studio relates directly to the whole universe as we know it - and what a fine feeling that is!


Barbara Muir said...

Love this, and everything you're doing. And whenever we can catch that feeling -- isn't that the whole point.

So glad you are happy, and high five from Toronto you fantastic artist.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara - from one fantastic artist to another!