28 June 2017

balance in

I am making a blog post today simply because I haven't in awhile, and I do like to post every couple of weeks.  It has become a kind of discipline over the years.

There is a lot of work going on in the studio, but I don't feel I want to share it just yet.  Not from some idea of wanting to show only "best" or even "good" work - any regular reader of this blog will know that I don't curate in that way here - but just because, well, I think it all really needs some quiet percolation time just now.  

So, while some things percolate, here are a few other things which provide a balance.

Balance in the studio: pausing for a bit of precision work in between the big loose paintings.  Below, from the "Sound" series, reworked oil paintings:

sound oil paintings balance in studio

A circle centred inside a square is a very static composition, lots of potential for boredom!  But I am determined to find ways of making it work, through use of colour, emerging/receding image and placement of lines.  I think these two are looking better than some of the earlier incarnations of the squared-circle idea.

ink and twig drawing on paper balance at work

Balance at the job: A small sketch quickly done while working at the art store, made with a twig dipped in black ink for the lines, and a brush to get the washes, on office paper.

"augury" sketches ink and gouache on watercolour paper balance of materials

Balance of materials: A few more ink & gouache sketches on w/c paper, very tiny at 4x6", because I wanted to paint yesterday but did not want to get into the big oil paintings again just yet.

roses in bloom balance in the life

And balance in the life; the garden has been keeping me busy too :)

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Barbara Muir said...

Wow! I'm glad you do post whenever you do. Love everything here. Balance is a hard goal, and I'm glad you reach it. You have me obsessing about circles
every time I am somewhere with a bit of time, a sketchbook and a pen.

I clearly love your work! Happy summer. I think balance means enjoying summer.
Because on the flip side of the scale is winter. Have fun you amazing artist you.