18 July 2017

Alberta Landscape No. 2017-3

alberta landscape no. 2017-3 a lovely view
the view

Alberta landscape no. 2017-3 my palette of colours
the palette

alberta landscape no. 2017-3 initial sketch
the sketch

alberta landscape no. 2017-3 begin painting, sky first
before the debris-laden wind gust

alberta landscape no. 2017-3 after the wind storm hit!
after the debris-laden wind gust

alberta landscape no. 2017-3 finished painting in the field
finished work with debris

alberta landscape no. 2017-3 painting and view all together now
on location

alberta landscape no. 2017-3 final touch-ups in the studio
in studio, with slight touching ups

Wildfires are burning in Banff and the air is hazy but this does not stop us from going out painting.  In fact the haze lends a wonderful atmospheric effect.  

That wind gust, though: full of sand and ashes and whatever else the fast wind can pick up.  Too much debris to remove completely.  Guess it'll just have to dry in the paint layer; I'll call it "natural provenance".


dianne said...

V -
I always find these "process" posts so interesting. The world of painting always seems so mysterious.

Nature's response to fire is interesting - how some plants are naturally equipped to respond in a regenerative way, how the earth renews itself after fire if left to its own devices. These things make me feel hopeful, somehow. They carry some heartening message of community, connectiveness, renaissance.


Verna Vogel said...

Hi Dianne,

Oh the magic of painting, so mysterious, yes, indefinable, got me completely hooked!

I'm very glad you find hope in the fires, in nature's reaction to the fires. I believe that observing and reflecting on nature can help us to relax in some profound way. We get so caught up in wanting control, worrying about futures and all that, which can be very draining.

Some plants in fact require fire in order to spread their seeds :)

Barbara Muir said...

Love this, and the story,

beautiful work. It is why I don't paint outside, stones and dirt in my palette of
acrylics is not fun. Good for you for soldering on. The results in every way are


Verna Vogel said...

Thanks Barbara!