27 July 2017

JP and YT x 2

JP enjoying coffee in the sunshine, portrait in sketchbook

JP enjoying the morning sunshine with a coffee.  The coffee itself is not shown, but its effect is apparent in his facial relaxation.

wildflower garden in summer barely needs any water even in dry heat

Our front wildflower garden.  This patch pretty much takes care of itself; even in this summer of relentless dry heat I have only watered it twice.

portrait of yulia tsinko by verna vogel ink & goauche in sketchbook

TY x 2

portrait of yulia tsinko by verna vogel ink & gouache in sketechbook

Sitting under trees by the river on a beautiful day.


Barbara Muir said...

Love the portraits. Dry eh? In Toronto it has rained almost every day. We see a bright sunny day and go into shock. Happy shock. I'm lucky that I like rain.


Verna Vogel said...

Yup, it often seems we trade back and forth in weather patterns, Ontario and Alberta. I'm glad you like rain. I like rain too! When it rains again I will probably go into happy shock, too. :)