29 January 2010

big and small

Got to the studio this morning and didn't feel like working on the big stuff. So I pulled out all the little wee paintings and looked at them for the first time in a couple of months.

And mostly unfinished - better start tying up some of these loose ends before things get out of hand.

Decided to work on my 8x10's.

Mixed up a nice green for this pair, adding a little walnut oil this time. Haha, so much for pure glazes with no mediums whatsoever! I like the fine lines I can get when the paint is thinned down, what can I say.

Worked 3 different colours on this pair - the red was last.

And some of yesterday's underpaintings:

72 x 43"

45 x 25"

3@ 31 x 31" each

And a big one which I think may be finished:

41 x 71"


Anonymous said...

I have to say you are a very prolific painter. Yay! I used a big word today :D

vogel said...

haha, thanks
big words can be fun