09 January 2010

happiness train comin' through!

After almost a month of no real studio time I've finally got the creative fires burning full strength again. Feels mighy fine!

remember this stack of wood?

now it looks like this:

yes, I like odd sizes.
So that was yesterday & the day before.

Today I finally got out the colours

and had some fun!

nope, none of those are finished but I'm excited about them so there they are in all their unfinished glory.

This is a crop of a small canvas - trying out some oil stick painting. Can you see the dark red lines I drew with it? The texture is very grainy. Not sure I like it, but will keep experimenting. Maybe brush over &c.

Last thing I did today was to stretch this canvas on one of the stretchers I just built:

Tonorrow I will gesso it, and thus begins another painting.

Wow, that was a very productive day!

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Anonymous said...

my my we were productive...WOOT WOOT!!