17 January 2010


I made these little ink sketches while in Toronto in December:

Used acrylic gloss medium to adhere them to wood panels:

12x12" each, the paper wraps around the sides a bit:

And a couple of random drawings collaged one atop the other:

I like how the felt pen bleeds when I brush the medium over it, but my collaging skills leave something to be desired - the paper wrinkles and blisters, which becomes more noticeable as the medium dries:

I would like to make a neater job of this. Going to make some more drawings and experiment.


Ceena Beena said...

I like the way this turned out on the wood. Very nice. Keeping them for your personal pleasure or putting them up at the gallery?

vogel said...

Ah, no gallery plans for these yet.
Just playing.
Glad you like!