19 May 2010

First your legs get heavy and tired.

Then comes the floating feeling of wings unfolding.

So I've been looking at some of the work I was doing a couple of years ago and I'm thinking when did I start doing all those little windows? all thuk-thuk-thuk plinkety plink in neat little well-articulated rows? I wasn't doing that 2 years ago. there's some free quality in those earlier paintings that really appeals to me. hmmmm.

...waiting for those wings to unfold.

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Ceena Beena said...

hmmm indeed. Maybe you just refined your style as you kept doing it more and more? Imagine what your flowers will look like 2 years from now, will they look the same or more refined? It's art evolution. I too noticed that but that's not to say the thuk-thuk plinkety plink is bad or even to structured. Just different.