16 May 2010


Remember these?

Now they look like this.

A new canvas stitiched. This one already has a name: Cathedral.

The continuing spinning infinity:


Ceena Beena said...

I like what you did to the floral paintings. I like just the two colors, white and the complimentary shade color. Are you leaving them like this?

glaucia said...

When you do 3 at a time like some of these, do you intend them to go to the same home, or are they just 3 different painting, that have the same color scheme??
Loving it all!!

vogel said...

hi Cina

One day I will go back to the florals... but not yet. We'll see what the future holds.

Glaucia - for these 3, I am seeing them as a triptych. But sometimes a gallery will prefer to sell them as separate pieces and sometimes that's ok with me.... depends on the piece. For these, I will probably leave it up to the gallery. Because they are quite large and I think they will work independantly of one another. But actually I won't be able to tell for sure until they're finished.
How's that for a definite answer?