03 May 2010


"In my last letter I spoke of tradition. ...what tradition seems to have meant lately - an historical patchwork (...) which is used to cover up the nakedness of the bare word. Tradition means much more than that. It means generations of different poets in different countries patiently telling the same story, writing the same poem, gaining and losing something with each transformation - but, of course, never really losing anything."

I've been avidly reading the poems and letters of Jack Spicer.
Working a lot in the studio.
Finally got the internet connection up in our new old house.
Now here is another blog post, made possible by the infinite www.


a few glazes later
64w x 28h

in progress
69w x 29h

before burnt umber

after burnt umber
was that an improvement? hmmm....
3@ 26.5w x various heights

41h x ...96w approx
Can you see the holes in these? An intentional defiling of the painting surface.

24w x 68h
underpainting & first glazes

A Clear Stratosphere - re-worked yet again! The final incarnation, I think. Though I've said that before haven't I....

oil on canvas
8 x 8"

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Ceena Beena said...

Lovely. I think I can see the holes, at least what I think are holes.