09 June 2012

the end...

... the end of 30dayartist for me.

So, to bring it full circle, the idea posted for day 1 has come to fruition in fabric form on day 30:

Just the squares are finished, not all put together yet, but here you can see the thing more-or-less as I have envisioned it.

a crop to show my very simple sewing techniques:

Mostly I just kind of wing it - start with imperfect sizes & shapes, stitch things together & then later crop the squares to uniform size before assembling the quilt.
It's a bit like painting - no straight lines or perfect edges inside the frame.

Thanks Chinyew for accepting my application & giving me this space!

Also thanks to all who've had a look at my work here & especially those who've left comments, your feedback is always appreciated.

& now on to the next 30day artist...


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