02 June 2012

goings on and more goings on

Went out for open air painting with my friend and when we were almost at our destination I realized I forgot my brushes!  My friend works with water media and doesn't carry oil brushes... so I borrowed a pencil, a piece of conte and a water brush:

Alberta landscape #28
graphite and conte on canvas
10 x 10"

Thinking this next one is finished.  It has been hanging around my peripheral vision in the studio and doesn't seem to want any more work:

Night Light
acrylic on stitched canvas
62w x 32h

A new triptych stitched and stretched.  I really like the texture made with bits of burlap.  They measure 31 x 32" each:

And here, gesso'd.  The plan is to paint them in a similar style as the Drift And Settle:

An old diptych which I am reworking.  Not sure how to resolve these, but I'll just keep plugging away at them and eventually something will emerge:

Idea sketch very quickly drawn on the studio wall:

Canvas interpretation:

I used a piece of canvas that had been stapled onto my work table.  While it was on my table I painted on it, gesso'd other canvases on it, drew lines on it to mark sizes for canvases I was stitching, et cetera.  I really like the spattered and random look of this.

Now there is another piece of canvas stapled to my work table, destined for the same use sometime in the future.

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