21 June 2012


Last 2 days' work.  Stitched yesterday, drawn & painted over a little today.

idea as usual drawn on the studio wall.

using printed image + pieces of painted canvas

not sure how well they integrate...

... hoping I'll be able to work it out.

When I first stitched this one I felt very excited to be combining printed imagery with pieces of old painted canvases.

Then after I stretched the thing I had some doubts.
Slept on it.  

Woke up this morning, walked for an hour by the river, which is currently running very high.
Rushing water, wet grass and birdsong make a good brain break.  Brain brake, haha.  Then had breakfast in the studio while letting my eyes relax over yesterday's work.  Mmmmm, cold cereal with toasted almonds and hot tea.  

Decided it may work out in the end, although the aesthetic will not be what I had originally envisioned.  

It's ok.  Everything has a life of its own.

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