23 July 2012

a gradual reckoning

the view:

 the set-up:

the palette:

 the sketch:

the underpainting:

the struggle:

the completed work:
 oil on canvas

The reckoning is that I need to find different ways of applying the paint.  This sort of cutesy dappled effect is not what I see when I look out.  

Ok, it's the largest plein air landscape I've done so far, and I squeezed out a lot of paint, thinking of the larger surface area... a mistake because then I applied the paint so thickly.  Those bright blue shadows don't help either.  Looks like student work.  Which is appropriate, since I'm still pretty new at this plein air thing.

Hmmm.  Maybe I ought to take a plein air workshop, learn in a weekend with an instructor what would take me 2 years to learn on my own...

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