04 July 2012

bash on

Beautiful sunny morning brings lots of natural light into the studio!  Thought I should take the opportunity to photograph these works without having to use artificial light, which always affects the colour.

I have added a plant to the studio decor, there it hangs in the upper left corner.  Plants improve any space in my opinion.  The yellow areas on the ceiling are where I intend to cut through the drywall and install my florescent lights into the spaces between joists.  Right now they hang down from the ceiling and sometimes I hit them when I'm moving things around.  If I raise the lights I'll have an additional 3" of head room - every little bit helps!

71 x 31"
This is still in progress, but I like where it's gotten to so far.  Next I intend to add some deep brownish reds, not too dark and not too bright.

31 x 32" each
After making the "Stained Glass" series, I thought I'd try some larger colour-field paintings.  Not sure I like the effect on this scale, and have almost painted them over several times... but I tell myself to wait, just leave them for now.  

24 x 57"
And another canvas stitched yesterday, using bits of the same painted canvas.

Yesterday it rained and I took a photo of the fence paintings with raindrops, very pretty.  In addition to beautifying our yard, this is becoming an interesting test of Golden's MSA varnish!

my beautiful studio wall :)

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