26 May 2016

Daily Paintings #18-19-20

Well, I've made 20 paintings in 10 days since I started this "daily painting" thing.  Obviously something is working, I'm getting back into making art on a regular basis.  This makes me feel so happy.

A lot of the daily paintings have been studies for a series of larger works, but yesterday I was at the art-supply store and in between customers I did a couple of quick portraits of my co-workers.  How lovely to work in a shop that affords time for such pursuits!  We are all practicing artists who staff the store - that's part of the appeal.

ryan portrait verna vogel oil on matboard
oil on matboard, 9x12 inches approx. 
melanie portrait vernavogel oil on matboard
oil on matboard, 8x10 inches approx.
This morning I went over to the seniors' residence to play scrabble with my friend, but first I painted his portrait:

Peter portrait oil on canvas vernavogel daily paintings
oil on wood panel, 10x10 inches
This afternoon I will prime a few more pieces of canvas and maybe stretch a couple of canvases too, since I've been thinking some of the studies could be done on stretched canvas as well as non-stretched pieces, as I have been doing so far.

And the garden is wanting some attention, and my bike needs a major tune-up, and a few other errands to keep life going... and that will make a good day.

Until next time,



Barbara Muir said...

Wow wonderful work. I want some of whatever it is you're having! You are on a roll!!!!

So you got your bike back, or got a new one?

I think I missed something. So happy you are talking about a bike.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara :) Well, they are all small paintings - mostly studies, really, but some of them are turning out quite nice. I'm enjoying making so much art these days! Maybe I'm on a roll because when I was teaching more I didn't have the sustained focus in my studio, so now it's like a dam has burst.

The bike: one a friend gave me, had been languishing in her garage for years. Cranky and stiff at first, but with a few adjustments and a little cleaning & oil, it turns out to be a fantastic bike. I feel fortunate indeed.