16 May 2016


Last night I was projecting an image on the wall, and I noticed this:

capital cities of canada verna vogel

Now I'm wondering if I can somehow incorporate light images into the work...


Russell Mang said...

Was this image from a digital projector?? The image looks very interesting on the floor like that!

Barbara Muir said...

Yes I think you can! Very cool.


Verna Vogel said...

Yes Russel, from a digital projector. It's the lower bit of the screen which I was not using, projector was set on the floor so that bit got projected on the floor. You can see how dusty the floor is! I was looking, amazed, at the proliferation of dust, and then I noticed the image on the floor *laughs*

Barbara, thanks for your confidence in my abilities! Hehee, I'm not sure how the light image would fit the concept, maybe the concept will shift a bit or some new pathway to it will present itself as I work. Meanwhile I can take photos :)